31st January 2023 – MISTRAL, which holds its kick-off meeting today, is a new Horizon Europe research project that aims to develop a cloud-based platform with federated learning access to dynamically assess health-related impacts using multi-dimensional determinants derived from pollutants-exposed populations, and track and predict the trajectories of health economics, mortality-related aspects, and expected outcomes.

The four-year project is led by the National Institute of Health (ISS) and brings together a consortium of 11 partners from 7 European countries and the United Kingdom.

One of the root causes of this decline is likely to derive from the interaction of socio-environmental risk factors and sub-clinical conditions and the consequent increase of the primary non-communicable disease (dementia, COPD, cerebrovascular and chronic ischemic heart diseases).

To address this, MISTRAL will develop a web-based platform interfaced with an immersive visualization dashboard for the health impact assessment, to model and interactively change the desired health impact scenario to build dynamic and personalized policies.

“The multi-dimensional nature of the relationships between the environment, chronic diseases, and socioeconomic status means that analysis, monitoring and intervention tools must be dynamically adapted to the variability of the determinants. MISTRAL will be to unlock the potential of a joint effort of data scientists and public health experts to implement a combination of big data with AI and ML in order to build high-performing predictive models,” said Mauro Grigioni, MISTRAL Project Coordinator and Head of the National Center for Innovative Technologies in Public Health.

MISTRAL results will be made available as open-access tools and trialled in three European countries (Belgium, Poland and Italy) before becoming transferable on a larger scale across Europe. Following this, research into their adaptability to other environmental stressors will be explored in a hackathon with key stakeholders.

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