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The Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

The Health Impact Assessment (HIA) process is the standard tool that provides an overview of the matter, from the screening of health risk factors to the introduction of new health policies and the monitoring of effects.


A complete digital approach for HIA that could dynamically adapt to the variability of the determinants and their interaction is still poorly investigated. Artificial Intelligence algorithms offer innovative and high-performance possibilities for HIA implementations, improving elaboration and resizing of complex information and data

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The MISTRAL project is aimed at the creation of a platform permitting a dynamic and flexible health impact assessment, based on AI predictive modelling, capable not only of full, scalable adaptation modelling (from the geographical control down to individual risk levels) but also to manage counterfactual analyses as an interactive AI, simulating various scenarios for the application and monitoring of policies.




Funded by
the European Union



Mauro Grigioni
Project Coordinator



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