June 9/10, 2023 The Apulian One Health Meeting will be held at the Taranto Innovation Summit.

A two-day scientific meeting in which scholars of the environment, human and animal health from all over the world will confront each other. One Health is in fact an extremely complex concept, which sees health and its monitoring and prevention as a balance between human, animal and environmental health.

On June 9, the Launch Event of the European research cluster METEOR (“Methods for assessing health-related costs of environmental stressors”), which unites the world’s winning principal investigators from the Horizon Europe – Environment and Health call, will take place.

Europe for the first time finds in Taranto the venue for the launch of its scientific activities, related to innovation in environmental and human health monitoring. This is thanks to a group of researchers from Puglia, many of them from Taranto, who won the first Horizon call on these issues in Italy, with the MISTRAL project, bringing it directly to the city of the two seas.

This meeting will compare data from Europe’s largest health and environmental studies, comparing the experiences of academic realities such as ISGlobal (Barcelona), Aarhus University, Sciensano, and University of Angers with Apulian universities (University of Bari and Polytechnic University of Bari), also part of this European cluster (METEOR).

Europe’s presence in Taranto will be sealed by many guests from the directorates-general of the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the European Digital and Health Executive Agency (HaDea).

Opening the proceedings will be Mayor Rinaldo Melucci, who has long been committed to the rebirth of Taranto as a model of innovation for health and the environment, and Economic Development Director Gianna Elisa Berlingerio, a driver of Apulian innovation in the world.

On the other hand, the second day, June 10, will be dedicated to the operational activities of the Taranto House of Emerging Technologies (CTE CALLIOPE), founded last February and led by the City of Taranto, which will have offices spread throughout Taranto, upgrading and technologically implementing some of the City’s facilities.

The goals of CTE CALLIOPE and its 30 partners aim to incubate and accelerate innovative startups engaged in applying 5G and quantum computing technologies to One Health monitoring systems.

Scientific and technological partners from various international entities will participate in the discussions, in a cross-over between the Innovation Summit and the Horizon Europe cluster. In fact, many of the researchers from the other events will bring ideas and results of emerging technologies applied to biomedical and environmental research. Moreover, Calliope partners will present innovation projects to representatives of the other technology houses, 10 throughout Italy.

In conclusion, ITS Logistics of Taranto experts will lead workshops related to the design of European initiatives open to all learners at the meeting.

The Municipality of Taranto, with CTE CALLIOPE, is banking on the cultural resilience of this area, which has fostered the growth of numerous companies and the return of numerous “brains” aiming at technology and innovation in the area of sustainability and balance between environment and health. This is the “Just Transition” envisioned by the Mayor and favoured by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy-which funds CTE CALLIOPE and by the European Union, which has judged the scientific projects on Taranto to be among the first in Europe.


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